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Want to find out how our team can help you to design the perfect Transport Plan for your next event? Drop us a line!



Stadium Management Ltd can develop the plan for a new event or refine/develop an existing plan. We work from the concept stage through to 'boots on the ground'.


Stadium Management Ltd has developed ways of working and has a tried and tested methodology, which we introduced to the London 2012 games. We have continued to use their successful methodologies for all projects going forward 'An Olympic standard for all events'.


We have a team of operational strategists, CAD, and GIS experts to ensure the plan that is developed is fit for purpose.


We can review your current travel plan/arrangements which will enable you to have the optimum travel plan for your stadium or one-off event. 


We can green your Travel Plan by using innovative travel solutions which will reduce your event's carbon footprint, promoting 'green' travel options, and communication of this to customers is key to raising profiles between spectators. This in turn can result in cost savings for your event.

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Unlike other consultancy companies we can operate the 'plan' that has been developed. We don’t walk away. We design and develop with operations at the forefront of design. 


We have built up great partnerships with industry leading operators to ensure that we can expand and contract to deliver what is required and ensure value for money.


Stadium Management Ltd can offer you a wide array of services in order to help your event run smoothly and safely.


We have a proven track record in our industry and have worked with some of the biggest names in the country.


We have a high standard of success and our hard work-ethic and professionalism are what we pride ourselves on since 2007.

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Stadium Management Ltd specialises in transport planning for major, minor and one-off events. 


Travel Plans have been used successfully for many years, whether secured through planning or prepared on a voluntary basis. They are an important tool for promoting sustainable travel, e.g. walking, cycling, public transport, and help to reduce single occupancy car use. They also encourage effective use of current transport networks and support their enhancement. Travel Plans are now being used to secure the provision of sustainable travel choices, both to new events and to expansion of events.


A Travel Plan is a package of measures produced to encourage event goers to use alternatives to single-occupancy car-use. Such a plan for example, could include: car sharing schemes; train travel and coach travel; restricted car parking schemes.


Travel Plans can offer real benefits not only to the organisation of the event, but also to the community that surrounds it. It may help to relieve local parking or congestion problems or improve public transport connections across the area. It may also relieve stress on event-goers through reducing delays.


Travel Plans can be a key tool in achieving national, regional and local objectives to manage the demand for movement and improve accessibility for everyone.

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Our team has vast experience with securing permissions with Local Authorities (LAs) and event organisers.


The majority of the team have worked for Local Authorities approving the event and transport plans. This includes working on the other side of the fence and negotiating with Local Authorities to securing the relevant permissions. Stadium Management Ltd has also invested financially into events so understand the requirements, complexities and associated stress levels with this side of the event industry.


We have long-standing working relations with nearly all London boroughs and with TfL.


We also have working relationships with a number of Local Authorities across the UK 


Stadium Management Ltd are specialists in expanding events where various transport permissions are required via the Local Authorities and therefore we can ensure the path to success is less painful than it would be without us.

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